About Us

Mindynamics is a dedicated brand for virtual e-learning services. We provide three services to meet different needs of individual (Learning Programs), trainers (Trainer Support Services) and corporates (LMS Development Services).

Individual learning made easy
Individual learning has never been more easily accessible and affordable. With Mindynamics, you can learn anytime, anywhere with our digital programs that will help you upskill in areas of your choice.

Trainers supported with resources
Mindynamics is also here to help trainers set up a digital system of training for their students. We provide everything from webinar hosting to customised packages that will cater to your needs.

Corporate training made easy with Mindynamics
We also help corporates and organisations build a virtual training portal that can be accessed by employees around the globe, on their own time, without worrying about travel or timezones.

Our Team

We are committed to offer a range of services ranging from content development, to IT and technical expertise. Our associations with 100+ trainers and coaches from around the world, will help you develop an excellent online system of training.
We don’t just deliver courses, we also make them interactive by involving multimedia in our training programs. We work with experts from different domains like IT, finance, digital marketing, education and many others to provide you with top-notch online courses tailored to your needs. With our innovative online course builder, developing e-learning courses has never been easier! With just a few clicks you can create engaging interactive lessons that follow international standards and guidelines. And we couldn’t have done this all without the experts working in the background.


Our vision is to bridge the gap between academic education and real world knowledge- by using cutting edge technology to offer the most comprehensive and effective e-learning courses. The training programs at Mindynamics are designed to make you think differently about your life, your work, and more importantly, yourself. We want you to be able to take charge of your future by adopting a growth mindset.


We are determined to take the power of learning and knowledge not only to India but also to other countries of the world that are still struggling with a proper framework and mindset for learning.

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