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While the world is teaching you how to go about different softwares to conduct online classes, Mindynamics brings to you one of it’s exclusive course that emphasises on human touch even while delivering online classes. To make your class as engaging and impactful as it was physically is a challenge most of the teachers are facing today. This program brings to you techniques that help you organise online learning. The best thing is, we help you do this through a journey of 21 days. Long enough to Learn-Apply-Share.

Program Coach:

Ms. Saakshi Choithani

Founder – CEO Mindynamics

Transformation is the rule of nature. When God himself has made this rule, why not accept changes and transform the way we live. Ms. Saakshi, has the same objective of transforming lives and improve parenting and teaching habits in individuals. She also aims at helping kids find solutions to their mind confusions and giving them easy ways to reach their goals.

With a glorious past experience of 10 years in the education industry, Ms. Saakshi has molded herself from a preschool teacher to a human resource professional and trainer with multiple prestigious schools through her career road map. Working on independent projects under the umbrella of her small venture (Mindynamics), she has been able to focus on teacher training, conducting parent workshops, student workshops and kids brain development programs. As a trainer, she conducts online and offline sessions with students, teachers and parents. She has trained students on personality development, interview and resume writing skills, communication wonders at workplace, behavioural skills etc. Motivational talks have always been a part of her sessions too. Kids brain development programs and Child Behavioural Issues have been some common topics at her seminars with parents and teachers. 

Ms. Saakshi now aims at changing the way people look at things in the education industry and she is sure this would bring about a transformational change in the education system. 




About the course:

One of the first program designed for educators to identify the gaps between physical and virtual classrooms. This program makes you powerful as a teacher and change your virtual classrooms into a fun loving envrionment helping in impactful and innovative teaching methodology.

Duration: 21 days program with 3 live and free webinars that give access to learning techniques.

Date and Time: 19th April, 26th April and 3rd May, 2020  – 1 hour webinar


Learn and apply in your virtual classrooms.

Do week long analysis and return back the next week to explore more indepth understanding of what is still missing.

Paid course benefits:

Be a part of the largest community of educators and learn more even after the program.

Get a certificate for completion of the course.

Get access to our resource library free of cost and download the resources that help you to transform the way you teach.



Mention the number of participants if joining as a group. If you are an individual please entre '1'.







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