How much has eLearning grown and how can it help you?

How elearning can help you grow

If you reflect upon the previous year, you would realize how technology has saved education and development worldwide. From online classes to virtual training for corporates, eLearning has played a key role. The usage of eLearning started way before the pandemic and is growing exponentially now.

With the coming of a new era in the education and learning industry, how do you think it is going to help you? Are you ready to adapt to this new form of learning or teaching? Let’s look into this journey of the evolution of digital learning and find answers to our questions in eLearning space.

The upstaging of eLearning 

The concept of eLearning is very pristine in many countries, but many studies have shown that investments in online education were already US$18.66 billion in 2019. Earlier digital learning was used mainly for secondary purposes as language learning or video conferencing, but with the onset of COVID, it has become a very integral part of our lives. 

In 2020, the sudden transition from the traditional way of learning to the digital form did call for a lot of challenges like course clarity being one of them. Synchronization between the tutor and the learner and giving a comfortable learning environment to the students is another challenge. But with passing time, tech experts worked to create a better learning platform. 

With adapting more to this form of learning, the tech market witnessed a spike of about 36.3% in digital learning. There are huge chances of making eLearning a stable option in a post-Covid situation. 

Apart from the education sector, eLearning had been a huge help for the corporate world. It has helped managers to maintain good performance for the staff. Adding on as a help to employees in achieving satisfaction in these very uncertain times. 

What does eLearning have for you?

For learners

·       Many platforms like Coursera, Udemy and Skillshare have courses curated almost on any topic that you would wish to learn. Including the ones for your job skillset or for your personal learning.

·       A very advanced learning tool is made recently known as LinkedIn learning which suggests courses based on your professional networks and fields of interest.

·       With a fine line between your work and personal life, you can learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want.

·       Recently a lot of content is created by many coaches and trainers which can help you grow your business efficiently.

For trainers/ tutors

·       Corporate learning management systems (LMS) are helping managers to keep a track of the training and learning of their employees.

·       The introduction of gamification in learning makes it easier for trainers to create interactive content for the learners.

·       Many new content authoring and video editing tools are helping trainers to build their courses without spending much time.

·       Social networking is also helping eLearning to grow through sites like LinkedIn, Slack and Workplace from Facebook.

“You can’t teach people everything they need to know. The best you can do is position them where they can find what they need to know when they need to know it.” —Seymour Papert, MIT Mathematician and Educator

With digital learning coming in our lives we are just introduced into the ocean of learning. So, you might as well grab whatever you can. What do you think about this blog? How has eLearning helped you? Share your stories with us in the comments below. Happy learning!!

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