Ethical Hacking For Cybersecurity

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The ‘Ethical Hacking for Cybersecurity’ training course is ideal for anyone who is interested in learning cybersecurity. From corporates to students, it will immensely benefit the participants to secure themselves and their devices in the cyberspace.  It is entry-level cybersecurity course, which means there are no prerequisites, and you don’t have to have any previous knowledge of operating systems or programming languages. The basic working knowledge of computers and Internet browsing is required, rest everything will be taught in this course.  All modules are supplemented with slides, case studies and practical sessions.

About the Coach:

Arun Soni is the director of TCCS (a computer education consultancy service) which administers computer education and attends to cyber security related activities in educational institutes/organizations. TCCS setup twenty years back is a benchmarked organization involved in various computer affiliated activities like computer education consultancy, computer training, website development, digital marketing, cyber security seminar/workshops and authoring of computer books.

Arun Soni is an internationally acclaimed author and cyber security expert from Chandigarh who has authored 125 books on computer education for schools  and cyber security. His books are widely read in India and abroad.  He has 17 years of experience in writing and 23 years of working in the field of computer education.

He has the distinction of having his name entered in ‘Limca book of Records under the category ‘Most Computer books written at the age of 37’. He also holds many other records for this incomparable feat and is recognised in the India Book or Records, Global book of Records and Unique World Records. He is also the recipient of the ‘Distinguished Author Award’ by the Federation of Educational Publishers in India (FEPI).

He is also a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) from EC Council (US) and a Cyber Security Consultant, who is working for the cause of spreading awareness about ‘Cyber security’ by conducting workshops/seminars on ‘Cyber-crimes, Online Security and Information protection’, in numerous schools/colleges and organizations.

For his contribution in the field of computer education and cybersecurity, he has been admired and covered
by many major news portals, magazines, newspapers such as Yahoo News, The Economics Times, Business Standard
and He has also appeared as an expert commentator on several nation-wide TV channels.





This is an extensive course covering varied topics helpful to manage your gadgets and secure your private information.

Duration of the course: 2 days (5 hours each day).

Cost: Rs. 1499/- per participant. Group or Bulk Discounts Available.



The following points will be covered:

  1. All about types of Cyber Crime, Hackers and Malware.
  2. All about IP addresses (Public, Private, and how to know your public IP). 
  3. How to access data from websites which have been shut down?
  4. Google Hacking (It is a method to use specific keywords ( site:, filetype:, link:, intitle:, cache: etc. ) to get 100% desired results with amazing accuracy.
  5.  How to retrieve data from a formatted pen drive or when you have emptied the Recycle Bin? How to delete your data so that it becomes irrecoverable by any method?
  6. Blocking Inappropriate websites and implementing safe surfing parental Control DNS in your router.
  7. Securing Router/CCTV and other online devices from default password vulnerability. WiFI security.
  8. Find out What the person is doing on the computer in your absence.
  9. Cyber Cafe/Public Computer Threats (Man in the Middle Attack (MIMT), keyloggers and Pen Drive copiers) 
  10. How to access geo-restricted blocked Websites and also securely connect to free Wi-Fi using a VPN
  11. Mobile Security and useful apps/ Getting a Virtual number of any country.
  12. Different Password capturing methods, and securing your passwords with a Password Manager. Implementing 2 step verification method. Social media accounts security.
  13. Detecting has your Gmail/E-mail account been hacked? and tracing the person.
  14. How to create self-destroying e-mails
  15. How to hide messages in images and videos (steganography)
  16. How to scan a file with 15 or more genuine multiple antiviruses free of cost.
  17. Is your website securely hosted? All about Shared and Dedicated IPs/plans. Website security.
  18. ATM/Debit card/Online shopping/Matrimonial/OLX/UPI Apps frauds
  19. Fighting cyber-crime against women (Hidden spycams, recording of private videos, fake profiles on tinder etc.), laws and remedies. 
  20. How to report Cyber frauds and Cyber laws




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