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Teaching in school and other offline platforms have already been an adventure with trying new ways of teaching, creating new project lines, designing child-friendly assessments, etc.  With Virtual Teaching modes gaining its hype now, it ing has become a necessity but the teachers are toiling more than before to give quality education to their students. And if you are one of them, are you facing the same troubles of managing the menace? Do you want to know some of the easiest ways to carry out your classes online? Well, buckle up as we are here to help you out with some very effective solutions for the common problems that you face as an online teacher.

 How to schedule your classes even in the last minutes?

Virtual Teaching includes pre-scheduling the classes, however, all this scheduling when done improperly can lead to mismanagement and poor quality of teaching sessions. Luckily, some tools have made it easier for us to do scheduling most smoothly. One of the best app and my personal favorite is Microsoft Teams App. These apps not only provide a way to plan a whole class but also enable us to add in participants of our choice and to plan the timings of a class. This app is a wholesome package of mostly all the tools that we need for an online class while working from home.

Worried about carrying out large group meetings?

A face to face interaction is an important element for teaching. Some online video conferencing tools make it easier and fun to video chat either one to one or with large groups. Apps like Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom facilitates with so many options to carry out a meeting. While for a class with students it’s important that a secure platform is chosen and therefore using password-protected platforms is the best. Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting are some of the platforms which are safe for online classes. 

Virtual Teaching can be fun. Know more here...

Using whiteboards just like the ones in the classrooms are not a big thing anymore, how? 

Many of the apps nowadays are coming with an in-built whiteboard for illustrations and demonstrations, however, if we do not use these apps, there are several other apps that provide a virtual whiteboard.

Some of them are Miro, Limnu, Explain Everything. These apps make it possible for tutors to make collaborative whiteboard presentations, attach different files to the whiteboard, and even record it for further references. Some of the apps also allow us to carry out live chat with the group members during our presentations, thus making it interactive and helps the tutor to know about the minor issues members may have to face during the session. 

For math tutors, whiteboards are even more important. Collaborative whiteboards like Bitpaper are a blessing for math teachers. And it’s free!!

Ughh!! Stuck with sharing the documents again?

A Large number of documents in the form of PDFs and Word documents are shared from tutors to students. Sometimes students need to access them or edit them. One of the best and safest software to carry out this function is Google Docs. It is a word processor that contains sheets, spreadsheets, presentation files for students to edit, and also to collaborate with others.

Again a Google service, Google Drive is the cheapest and safest place to store and share documents and also of any form within a large or a small group without the chances of corrupting files or losing the essential documents in any way.

These best homework apps are totally a game-changer. Want to know how?

This app is one of the most important ones in online teaching. Apps like Squid helps teachers to assign homework to the students in the form of PDF sheets which the students can directly fill in before exporting and send back to the teacher. The teachers can check the homework and mark out the mistakes and send back it to the students. Thus making it very interactive and easy for both students and teachers. 

Well, some subjects are harder to teach than others, isn’t it? No worries, we got it.

Subjects like computer science for higher class students are tough to teach and through virtual teaching, it’s even tougher. But some apps like Bounce, Dabblet, Chop, and several others just give the right solution to the problem.

Also, a digital school is something that seems like a dream come true. We can help you with what we call it as THE DIGITAL SCHOOL PROJECT ensuring that you have all the security on your unique teaching methodologies. 

 Now that we have solved some of the many problems you might be facing in your online classes these days, we would still love to know how did it work out for you, and is there anything else we could help you with? Let us know. We follow your feedback with the utmost care and dedication. Happy teaching!!  

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